Here is a wonderful work by Silvie Deutsch.

The description below is taken from Slivie's blog unmakings (very much worth the visit):

"I investigate the animate nature of my surroundings—how everyday objects teem with labor, history and potential. Things are always in the making; they exist as a dynamic entanglement of units interconnected in their presence, always becoming, always formed by their relating. Using detailed processes, I revert objects to their nascent stages of instruction, then destroy and rebuild. Through this process that I call unmaking, I address the importance of making itself. To unmake materials, I have to re-member their becoming. I have to recognize all the components that make up the knotted structures we depend on to begin with, and how these structures are ordered.

Development and growth exist in contingent relation to integrated and entangled networks of shifting orders of culture and space; there is no stasis in this tidal expansion and ebbing. I am deeply aware of the interconnected and evolving nature of things, and as I suture these representative structures together (maps, roads, evidence of “women’s work”, body parts, clothes, patterns), I find that I can discover abstract, strange and often grotesque forms in the joining of things that do not belong. Meaning builds and recedes, like the tenuous knitted structures in my videos. There is no meaning in just one word unit, as in a stitch or sculptural fragment. The meaning comes from it all amassing. "

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